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Little Boy Blue and the Golden Reunion (2007)

Anniversaries bring out the best and worst of memories. They're also an opportunity for closure. And openness. On impulse, Jesse attends a fiftieth reunion. He returns to the "crimes" if his youth, but this time, murder challenges him to see himself and cope with the past. And the present.

"You won't find better dialogue. It's funny, often poignant, and drives some very interesting characters. This dlightful read works on several levels. And anyone who has been to the Jersey shore will feel nostalgic for that experience." -- Al Bernstein, Showtime Boxing

Beyond Justice (1995)

In the three novellas is Beyond Justice, private detective Peter Owen Erskine embarks on an erratic search for identity in the modern world. In The Seventh Widow, Erskine searches for the perfect woman and the meaning of love. In The Ice Age, he seeks the meaning of age and responsibility. And in the third novella, Unfinished Business, Erskine tries to cope with his knowledge.

"This is an entertaining, page-turning, pot-boiling, P-I romp. Peter fits into a fine tradition of oversexed sleuths, and his women are intriguing. I call this a good read, and I admire the author's ability to get a plot running and keep it running." -- John Daniel, Publisher

Palestra (1978)

After a car accident, Marty Adams goes home in a police car. As he does, he thinks back over his past accomplishments and frustrations. He is broadcaster for the Philadelphia Eagles football team, and a galling and ceaseless frustration is the inability to win the big game. And, the Palestra, where as a young man he saw many college basketball games, represents an ideal which has lost its vitality.

"I'm jealous. I think this is a very important book. I only wish I had written it. Palestra is the sports' Ragtime. -- Vince Staten (Louisville Times)

Read a review of Palestra by Alan Morrice.

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