2012 (2009)

Content by Tony Macklin. Originally published on November 11, 2009 @ Fayetteville Free Weekly.

After seeing 2012 I had to take a shower I felt so unclean. I guess I'm not a fan of Apocalypse movies, and I really dislike crappy Apocalypse. 2012 is crappy Apocalypse.

After 50 minutes 2012 has its first cataclysm -- I should have left then with a little of my humanity intact. But, no, I stayed until the world and its abysmal population had been destroyed several times over ad nauseam, and my wit, reason, and soul had been drowned in wretched excess.

2012 is shameless exploitation. The script's trying to squeeze in some trite relationships amidst the endless destruction is absurd.

At one point a character gives the finger -- I think to the audience.

I don't root for many fails to do poorly at the box office, but I'm rooting hard against this one. [I met Ava Gardner on the set of Earthquake, so I don't hate all disaster films.]

If 2012 succeeds, we'll have the deluge of crap.

It won't be the Rapture; it will be the Evacuation.

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