Nemesis (2020)

Content by Tony Macklin. Originally published on April 20, 2020 @

Writer/director Tim Earnhart is a stylist, and his 17-minute short film Nemesis is all style. That's his strength. His action sequence is the most effective part of the film.

But the acting and writing lag far behind. Nemesis begins in a bar where two women are having drinks. Astrid (Esha More) and Evelyn (Joy Park) have just made a merger of their companies. But Astrid seems to have come out best in the relationship.

Their dialogue is forgettable. Astrid says, "It's always about money and power." Evelyn responds, "This is about loyalty, Astrid." That's the motivation.

Evelyn says that she is going to a hunting club, and gives Astrid an invitation.

For some reason Astrid goes to the club, starts to leave, and stays when she is told she only is getting the one invitation.

This just seems a rote way for Earnhart to get to the action.

The actors are props and the dialogue is negligible. It's tepid until Earnhart can get in his zone. He is more comfortable there.

Nemesis reminds one of The Hunger Games (2012), but it's more The Fast Food Games.

Snack food can pack a wallop. It just isn't filling.

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